Dealing with Snoring

Snoring is a problem that impacts not just the sufferers but also the ones around them. If a person snores on a regular basis then the sleep pattern of the one snoring as well as the people in close proximity can get severely affected. When the sleep pattern gets affected, tiredness, irritability, depression and various other health problems follow suit. Friendships and relationships can get impacted as a result of excessive snoring as well. Fortunately there are many ways to reduce snoring and lessen the damages that can happen both to a person’s health as well as his or her relationship with the people surrounding them.

Why does snoring happen?

snoring women Knowing the cause of snoring is essential to find ways to deal with it. Snoring can be of various types, with some people producing a soft, whistling noise and some others making loud, whirring or grumbling sounds both kinds producing great annoyance to those sleeping nearby. Sleep deprivation is seen as a cause of snoring. The respiratory structures vibrate and these vibrations produce a sound which is as a result of the air movementbeing obstructed while breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea can cause such obstructions in the nasal passageway.

Accumulation of fat near the throat region can reduce the flow of air as well as the tissues touching each other near the upper region of the airway. The tongue can drop to the back of the mouth while sleeping on one’s back resulting in the production of such vibrations. The throat can close during sleep when it is really weak and the muscles can become tense in case a person has an abnormally positioned jaw. Throat muscles can become really relaxed when certain drugs or alcohol is consumed which can also lead to irregular airflow, thereby producing snoring noises. The narrowing of the throat happens as people age which is also the reason why snoring is seen more in the elderly. Uvula and the soft palate are the parts when mostly affected causes snoring.

Identification and the treatment methods for snoring

Most people might not consider snoring as a big enough problem to be spoken about with the doctor. They might try to ignore the problem altogether or the affected individual might choose to sleep alone to prevent others from being disturbed as a result of his or her snoring. Many won’t even accept that they snore and might try to argue with the ones who report about them snoring. Many people as a result of sleep deprivation caused by snoring can have decreased sexual interest, a deficit in their attention, as well as general exhaustion and drowsiness. They might choose to take medication to deal with the problems that arise as a consequence of snoring, without taking any step to actually deal with the problem of snoring. Such people would be wasting a lot of their time, money and efforts with a proper solution nowhere to be found.

Studies also show a link between snoring and stroke as well as heart related problems. If snoring is not treated, the vibrations caused by it can impact the carotid artery, leading to carotid artery atherosclerosis. How a person snores can denote why he or she does so. For example if a person snores with his mouth open, the problem is concerned with his throat tissues, whereas if he snores closed mouth it might be due to some issue concerning the tongue. The position in which a person snores can also show if the snoring condition is mild or severe.

So snoring can be lessened significantly if one or more of the available treatment methods are employed. Establishing a proper and regular sleep pattern is most essential along with proper exercises that can tone the muscles in the throat region. Those overweight or obese must work towards losing a few pounds and people with poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking alcohol must focus on quitting those bad habits. Certain sedatives are known to cause snoring as well, so consulting a doctor and stopping the consumption of such problematic sedatives is crucial.

Changing the position of sleep can help with the reduction of snoring as well as clearing any blockages caused by cold and sinus in the nasal passage. There are some anti-snoring appliances which can also be used. Snoring can also be due to some serious underlying health problem and if the condition persists despite a lot of treatment, then the doctor may recommend further tests.

Medical alternative

If simple life style changes and home remedies don’t work, there are always other medical options to deal with snoring. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, Implanting palatals, uvulopalatoplasty using laser, surgery of the traditional kind and Somnoplasty are some medical treatment methods employed. Then there are of course medications that can help with bringing about proper sleep which can in turn reduce snoring.Ambien is one of those oral sedatives belonging to the class benzodiazepine that does not have snoring as its side effect and therefore can be used for treating people with snoring problems caused as a result of sleep deprivation. It works by rectifying the chemical imbalances in the brain, thereby producing proper sleep. It is a prescription medicine and used for a short period. There is an immediate release version and an extended release form, which can make the consumer fall asleep faster and remainasleep longer. Which version needs to be given to whom can only be judged by the doctor after examining the patient.

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