Why Snoring is a Problem Part Five

That’s not even the entire problem with snoring though and there other factors to consider too. For instance – the very fact that snoring will also disturb the sleep of others in your household. Most directly this will be anyone who you share a bed with such as your partner. If you thought that your snoring was enough to damage your sleep then just imagine what it’s like for them sleeping next to you when you snore that loudly. This then means that all the problems associated with bad sleep listed above will also affect them unless you learn how to stop snoring. Thus it is very much your responsibility to follow stop snoring tips to help them to enjoy their days too – you stop snoring for the person you love the most. This too can affect your ability to find love and if you are a very heavy snorer then this can be enough to put off prospective partners!

Likewise you need to consider the fact that you might be snoring loudly enough to wake others in your household and this means that your children and possibly even the neighbors could benefit from your learning to stop snoring.

Finally, you should also make sure to seek medical attention if you cannot stop snoring. You need to follow stop snoring tips to see if they can help you to deal with the problem, and so that you know that you need medical intervention if not. Conditions like sleep apnea can be quite dangerous if they cause you to stop breathing for too long, and likewise it might also point to obesity or other health issues. By address the issue of snoring in other words you may identify other issues that need to be deal with and thereby improve your overall health.

Why Snoring is a Problem Part Four

This very basically means that your body is burning energy and tissue in order to fuel your behavior. In other words, being awake means expending energy and damaging tissue by it’s very nature.

On the other hand though, when you sleep you enter an ‘anabolic’ state. Your body needs far less energy because it’s not doing anything, and your system will be releasing hormones that encourage your body to repair itself.

These hormones for instance are growth hormone – which does what it says on the tin and stimulates growth, specifically the growth of new cells. That means that you are repairing your muscle tissue, your wounds and your brain and this keeps you functioning optimally. However without stop snoring tips you will find yourself snoring loudly and not sleeping well enough to make these repairs. Thus your muscle will be more likely to waste (sleep is highly important for athletes), you will be more likely to be confused and forgetful and even your wounds won’t heal as well. You will also be more likely to experience headaches and other distractions during the day if you don’t use stop snoring tips.

This also means that your immune system will be working on less energy and will be busy repairing your wounds and muscle tissue during the day when it has other distractions. A weakened immune system then means that you will feel again even more tired during the day and crucially that you are more exposed to illnesses and diseases because your natural defenses are down. This means that if you snore, you are more likely to encounter a range of other diseases – from the common cold to flu to cancer.

Good sleep is a very central part of a healthy lifestyle and a strong fortified body and immune system. Thus you need to know how to stop snoring to maintain total all-over health.

Why Snoring is a Problem Part Three

This is bad for you because it means that you will stop progressing through your life as quickly as you normally would. At the same time though it is also bad for the other people around you – you will be damaging the performance of your work team, and you’ll be bringing home less money for your family. When you do well you are able to look out for others and to give of your time and energy – thus learning how to stop snoring can help you to affect the lives of all those around you more positively.

Similarly you will find that if you don’t know how to stop snoring then you will simply not enjoy the rest of your life as much – you’ll find that you are always just thinking about when you can get to bed and you’ll be looking at things through dull half-shut eyes. If you get thrown a surprise birthday party, or if you watch your favorite TV program in the evening while relaxing with your partner… you’re not going to get the most out of it unless you have managed to stop snoring so that you can enjoy the things with your full energy and fully awake.

Perhaps more important is the impact that following stop snoring tips can have on your general health. We’ve already looked at how wandering around in a daze can be bad for your safety, but even without the increased threat of accident, it is already dangerous for you not to follow stop snoring tips and it can directly affect your health if you snore and don’t sleep properly.

This is because your sleep is a time when your body recovers and rebuilds. When you are awake you are in a ‘catabolic’ state.

Why Snoring is a Problem Part Two

This lack of sleep then is enough to cause other serious problems and is reason enough to learn how to stop snoring and then to actually go through with it and make the necessary changes.

If you don’t learn how to stop snoring and you don’t manage to stop your sleeping problems then you will find that during the day you are more tired and less switched on and alert. You are then more likely to make mistakes as you try to do things – this can for instance affect your ability to drive and being tired at the steering wheel is one of the biggest causes of accidents on the road. In fact being tired at the wheel has been shown in many cases to be almost as serious as being drunk behind the wheel. You’ll be more likely to have car accidents then if you don’t follow the stop snoring tips and you will especially struggle on long drives.

Further, you will also be likely to make more other mistakes. You’ll be more likely to cross the road at the wrong time, or to trip over – generally you will be more likely to injure yourself or others.

Meanwhile if you are tired then you will make mistakes at work and this will potentially hold back your career. You will be less engaging and witty in conversation and your mood is likely to be effected too so that you are more likely to snap at others and to damage your relationships and to damage your reputation as a result. In other words you will find that generally your tiredness means that you are simply not running on all cylinders and that you are causing stupid mistakes and problems as a result.

Why Snoring is a Problem Part One

If you have difficulty with snoring, then the good news is that there are many ways that you can stop snoring and lots of treatments and lifestyle changes that can be very beneficial. The bad news though is that these solutions all require some work and dedication on your part and you might find that in order to stop snoring you are forced to make some heavy changes to your lifestyle that can take their toll. If you need to know how to stop snoring then you first need to be ready to take this advice on board and to work hard at improving your snoring problems. In other words you need to recognize that snoring is not just a small problem, rather it is a big problem that requires you to put the effort in to change your current situation and to stop snoring. Here we will look at exactly why snoring is such a big problem and why you really need to do something about it if it’s bothering you.

First and foremost, snoring is affecting your sleep. In the case of sleep apnea which is sometimes the underlying cause of snoring you will be waking up in the night briefly and this will of course disturb your sleep even if you can’t remember actually waking. Likewise though, any cause of snoring will be enough to prevent you from sleeping as deeply as you should – you’ll notice that snoring causes you to wake abruptly from time to time if only because of the volume, and even when you aren’t woken up, the sleep won’t be as deep and as heavy as it should be.

Stop Snoring Tips Part Five


If you smoke then you should try to quit. There are many other reasons to stop smoking, but now you can add snoring to that list. The problem with smoking is that it causes tar and phlegm to build up on your throat and this then makes it coarse and more likely to make you snore.

Drink Lots

Drinking water can also help you to stop snoring. Part of what often causes snoring is that your throat and mouth dry out forcing them to become more coarse and to vibrate more when you breath. This happens naturally when you sleep as we produce less saliva, so if you wish to prevent this problem then you need to drink lots of water before you go to sleep and leave some by your bed side.

But Not Alcohol…

Drink lots of water that is. Drinking alcohol will contribute to your snoring simply because it is a depressant meaning it will relax the muscles and that includes those in your neck. Drink alcohol and your throat will relax and close over and you’ll snore more as a result.

Lose Weight

You probably already know this one, but if you lose weight then this is a surefire way to help yourself stop snoring in many cases. If you’re overweight it will cause snoring as your neck will close up due to the additional weight and this will then obstruct your breathing. By losing weight there is less pressure on the windpipe and you can breath more easily.

Strengthen Your Neck

You can also achieve the same thing by strengthening your neck muscles which are tasked with holding your neck open. There are many exercises you can do to strengthen your neck and these involve adding resistance and then trying to move your head against it. For instance press your hand against the side of your head and then try and turn it left or right.

Stop Snoring Tips Part Four

In other words it may help you to stop snoring but them prevent you from sleeping (that’s one way to stop snoring…). If this is the case for you then you might prefer one of the other smoking stop tips…

Snoring Guards

Snoring guards are a less invasive alternative to CPAP devices that work for some people. This is simply something rubber that goes in your mouth, or that closes your nose and this can wake in a variety of ways to help you sleep more soundly and stop snoring.

Some snoring guards for instance will help you to stop snoring by altering the position of your jaw. In some cases this will be what is causing your snoring in the first place so that is highly beneficial. In other cases though the snoring guard will be designed to simply force you to breath through your mouth, or conversely to breath through your nose (depending on which is the source of the problem) and this can be very effective in making you stop snoring.

Vapo Rub

If your snoring is a result of sinuses, which it often is, then one solution is to use a vapo rub which you rub into your chest and which then helps to break up some of the phlegm so that you can breath more easily. If that doesn’t work the same thing can be achieved by using a hot compress which is often enough to break up phlegm. Finally you can simply break up the phlegm before you go to bed which can be achieved by holding your head over some steaming water and breathing it in with a blanket used to trap it in there with you.

Stop Snoring Tips Part Three


Your partner may consider using pillows in a rather violent way to make you stop snoring, but you shouldn’t have to resort to that just yet and there are other ways to help yourself stop snoring with pillows. All you need to do is to use the pillows in order to prop yourself upright so that you aren’t lying completely back. This will then prevent your windpipe from closing over completely and it will mean that you can breath more easily. It’s a slightly more comfortable alternative to using the tennis ball.


A CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is something used for obstructive apnea. Essentially this is a device which uses a jet of air that gets blown into your windpipe in order to keep it open. This doesn’t aid your breathing physically as one might think then, but rather aids it indirectly by forcing open your windpipe. One of the most obvious smoking stop tips then is to invest in one of these devices and to see if that helps to treat it.

Some individuals find that CPAP devices make it difficult to relax as they are having to breath against the air coming down the air pipe. If you do struggle with this, then there are some versions of the device that only blow down your neck when you aren’t breathing. This then means that there is no resistance against your breathing.

You may also find that CPAP machines prevent you from sleeping in other ways. They can be quite cumbersome and they involve wearing a face mask which can get in the way of your normal sleep and can make traveling difficult with the machine.

Stop Snoring Tips Part Two

While you are waiting for your appointment for the sleep clinic, or before you sign up, you can try these as a way to address your problem yourself and to avoid the use of surgery or other more sever intervention.

These solutions are not guaranteed to help you sleep, and they are no replacement for medical advice, however you may well find that by following these snoring stop tips that you can help yourself to avoid the problem to some extent – and they are a lot less expensive and invasive than going to see a specialist. Here are some suggestions.

Use a Tennis Ball

The first of our snoring stop tips uses an every day object that you wouldn’t often associate with snoring or health in any sense – a tennis ball.

Using a tennis ball is one of the best snoring stop tips however and can help in many cases. The problem is that snoring is often caused by the windpipe closing over itself, and this is in many cases worsened when you lie on your back. By using a tennis ball you can prevent yourself from turning onto your back in the night by simply wearing a shirt or pajama top and placing the ball inside it where your back is (and tucking in the top to keep it there). Thus, when you roll onto your back it will feel uncomfortable and you will naturally turn back onto your side – meaning less gravitational pressure on your wind pipe and meaning you are less likely to snore. The same thing can be achieved with a backpack if you don’t have a tennis ball to hand.

Stop Snoring Tips Part One

Snoring is a serious problem that can affect every single aspect of your life. If you currently struggle with chronic snoring then this will cause you to wake abruptly in the night and to sleep more lightly. In turn this will mean that your immune system is not able to do its job properly at night and in the day you will be left falling asleep, confused, suffering from headache, lacking energy and more. You will find that you are more likely to suffer from a range of illnesses and conditions and you will find that you are generally less able to take pat in your daily activities. Your wounds will heal more gradually and the illnesses that you do suffer from will take longer to leave and will be more likely to result in complications. You’ll be angrier and have a shorter temper and attention span and you might find yourself driving your loved ones away from you.

On top of all this if you snore then you will likely be driving your partner mad and forcing them to struggle throughout their daily lives as well. They too will be more likely to get ill and you’d be surprised to find just what a strain it can put on a relationship or marriage.

So it’s important to stop snoring and to do whatever it takes to address the cause and improve your sleep. This will normally mean attending a sleep clinic where you will be monitored through the use of various equipment as you sleep and where they will be able to find problems such as obstructive sleep apnea etc and so address the problem for you.

However before you go to the sleep clinic you might want to consider using other methods to stop snoring and there are various home remedies that you can use to make a start yourself.